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Stefania Zwirello-Evans, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor through the BCACC #18531



  • Bachelors in Sociology and Fine Arts Bishop's University
  • Foundations of Chinese Medicine ACOS Nelson, British Columbia
  • Diploma in Eastern Therapies and Body Work, Pacific Rim College Victoria BC
  • Masters In Counselling Psychology, City University Vancouver BC
Registered Clinical Counsellor Stefania Zwirello-Evans in Nelson, BC
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The experience I bring to counselling is rooted in my longtime quest for personal well-being. I know what it’s like to encounter obstacles, to feel stuck— at times very stuck— and to work through it, with all the frustrations and surprises that might bring. My training as a Doula is expressed in the counselling space as a deep knowing that each and every one of us can birth the transformation we desire. With intention, wisely chosen resources, and support, what you dream is possible to bring about.

My many and varied studies include Thai massage, Ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese medicine. These have all taught me the importance of the mind-body connection, which is continually present in my conversations with clients. Weaving, textile arts, and creative practice in the healing craft are an important part of my life and provide a tactile metaphor for the work of creation and transformation.

At the heart of the conversation are the meaning and purpose you find. I believe in every human’s innate resilience, and I will be honored to walk alongside you as you discover your next steps.

Helping people feel empowered through emotional healing is my passion. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), I work with individuals and with couples/relationships. My intention is to help you— or you and your partner— find the inner strength and resilience that is already there, within you and between you.

With empathy, understanding, and non-judgment, I will guide and support while you explore your experience. Whether it be anxiety, pain, trauma, relationship challenges, or any other ailment of the mind or spirit, you will have a companion and witness for it. Cultivating compassion for yourself and others may also be part of the path as you navigate your inner world and personal narratives in order to bring about greater peace, joy, and health.

I believe in personal autonomy. Your right to choose and direct your care is vitally important. My aim is to follow your lead as you show up for yourself and this journey. Together, we can work on skills, tools, and strategies that will help guide you through difficult situations and life challenges. My particular interests include, but are not limited to: reproductive mental health, somatic work, intergenerational trauma, couples counselling, and healing PTSD in individuals and families.

You are a creative being. My aim is to help you connect deeply with those parts of yourself that know what you need, how to unravel whatever is no longer serving you well, and how to make something new— for yourself and in your relationships.

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Matthew Wilson-Birks, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor through the BCACC #18638


  • Masters in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University
  • Bachelors in Psychology, Thompson Rivers University
  • Associate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions, Selkirk College
  • Trained EMDR-therapist via EMDR Consulting
  • Heart Yoga Instructor, 200 hour
Matthew Wilson-Birks, RCC in Nelson, BC
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My approach to counselling is eclectic and my interests are varied. I tend to employ a blend of both modern therapies (CBT, EMDR) and mind-body practices (meditation, contemplation, breathwork). I see adults and adolescents dealing with, but not limited to: emotional problems (anger, depression, anxiety, ect.), relationships/communication issues, addictions/habit change, stress/trauma, lifestyle/life-transitions, and matters of faith and spirituality.

While recovery, healing, and wholeness are the primary concerns of psychotherapy, counsellors must also attend to the possibilities of growth, flourishing, and wisdom. As a therapist informed by various philosophical and religious traditions, I am interested in learning your unique story and discovering the universal, symbolic patterns expressed within it. This process connects us to both our innate resources as well as the invaluable inheritance of our ancestors and culture.

I believe this approach, converging both the modern and the traditional, is particularly suited to this moment because we are living through what psychologist John Vervaeke has named the Meaning Crisis. While we have more access to material wealth, comforts, and amusements than ever before in human history, we also struggle with a deep sense of disconnect, alienation, and malaise. As a result of this paradox, many people are searching for something meaningful, transcendent, noble, and beautiful to guide our lives. It is up to every individual to decide what their own north star is–but we need not take on this project alone, and I look forward to helping you claim both well being and wisdom for our own.

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